Immersive Cultural Journeys

India is not a country but a continent and travelling through it is an experience like none other. Overwhelming in its chaos at first, it gradually unfolds unique delights. You may find it in its majestic forts, monuments, and temples; in exquisite crafts; in traditional and contemporary arts; in the bustle of its colourful bazaars; in diverse cuisines; or in the unexpected beauty that filters through the chaos.

Keeping the above in mind we plan geographical itineraries for our guests. At the same, all experiences and excursions are planned around our guest's interests. Over the years we've learned that focused interest-based travel makes for a more enjoyable and enriching experience.

The Indian Subcontinent has something to offer to a person of any interest you can seek to learn about its diverse cuisine, or go on a journey learning about the various textiles that are traditionally produced in different regions of the country, meet authors, artists, art curators, opt to cleanse your spirit and deep dive into a wellness program, explore its vast tea gardens or coffee plantations, or travel with an architect to learn about the various architectural styles that have quite seamlessly been adapted to make them our own. Some of our guests have gone beyond and have travelled with the nomadic "Gaadis" who move through high-altitude pastures to graze their sheep.

Our team is out exploring these new and wonderful opportunities to create something special and unique.

Popular Inspirations for these Immersive Journeys

Traditions and Performing Arts of India

Region Explored: Southern states of Tamil Nadu & Kerala

This wonderful journey showcase the beautiful performing arts that flourished in our country since time immemorial and continue to do so. Each performance be it music, dance, or even some unique festival is based on stories and lore. They are bright, colourful, and showcase a traditional aspect of belief system in India which is often missed by many but is an essential part of who we are.

Textile Tour of India

Region Explored: This can actually be run as a series requiring repeated visits as each region is unique.

It is commonly said that every 200kms in the Indian subcontinent brings about a change in what we eat, wear, and our dialect along with how each of us celebrates the same festivals - a true reminder of how diverse this country really is.

This program is very high on educational quotient and includes experiences ranging from visiting various communities or regions that excel in a specific type of textile production. You get to interact with those who work on different types of textiles, and at the same time, one gets an insight into how some of these traditional textiles fit into our ever-changing lifestyle and sense of fashion toward westernization. You get to meet and interact with fashion schools and designers and learn about how elements of these traditional textiles and designs are being adapted.

Please note each region in the country offers something totally unique and different thus the final program can only be suggested based on interactions with the guests.

Family Getaway

Highlight: Interactive experiences based on the interest of children traveling with the group.

Many who have been to India will often tell you that it is easy to get overwhelmed with heritage and traditional buildings. This becomes all the more unbearing for the children who accompany their parents. A key part of a family getaway experience will be how to curate experiences that are interactive and fun for the younger members of the group.

We ensure that those are the first bit of information that we collect. Depending on the locations visited we have organized everything from equestrian trails to organizing a class on creating puppets and conducting a show to putting together a customized junior ranger program.

Our team is well trained on how to plan such adventures for families travelling together.

Self-Drive Holidays

Highlight: Get off-the-beaten path and see the unexplored landscape.

These are a new set of experiences designed to take one off the regular tourist circuits to explore true India. Although the thought of driving in a populated country may seem daunting, rest assured we will be managing the experience such that you do not have to worry about much.

In your journey (which you can do as an individual or as a group) we will have a lead vehicle that also doubles up as a support vehicle and they are your destination experts as well. We offer a good mix of boutique stays and camps to make your adventure exciting yet comfortable

Art & Sculpture Tours

Highlight: Interactions and sessions with local artists

Art & sculpture go hand-in-hand in India - sculpting was one of our traditional art forms and was often showcased in our architecture rather than stand-alone sculptures. We also have unique tribal art forms that are today being lost in a world that is speeding away at imitating western styles.

This program is led by an art historian and a specialist in traditional art forms of India. The purpose of curating this program was such that not only can you draw, sketch, and paint what you see in terms of day-to-day life on the street, portraits or landscapes, but various sessions have been organized with different tribal/traditional artists showcasing the varied artforms that hail from different parts of the country. We believe these interactions benefit both the guest as well as the local artists in learning new techniques and creating new stories as a theme for their artforms.