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7 Days | 7 Mar 2019

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Satpura Tiger Reserve in Central India today offers one of the most diverse wilderness experiences in the country. The Satpura ranges is an important geographical landmark. It is part of the Deccan Plateau and literally is the dividing marker between north and south India.

Over a century and a half ago, an officer of the Bengal Staff Corps found himself captivated by the Central Highlands of Madhya Pradesh. Captain James Forsyth was one of the first Europeans to explore and fall in love with Satpura. While the National Park was established in 1981, the Satpura Tiger Reserve was set up in 2000 under Project Tiger. The park is part of the government’s initiative to preserve and reclaim the dwindling forests of wild India.

The Satpura Tiger Reserve is 1,427 square kilometres comprising of Satpura National Park, Bori and Pachmarhi sanctuaries. The region is largely hilly, veined by a number of streams and nullahs that have gouged deep ravines in the land – a terrain that perfectly suits the reclusive habits of most predators. It was perhaps this charming landscape and the rich tapestry of flora and fauna that drew James Forsyth to the Central Highlands so many decades ago. Today it is perhaps the only park in the country that lets you explore its boundless riches through walking safaris, canoe safaris, elephant back safaris, jeep drives as well as night drives. It also offers the option of camping in the buffer forest. A truly remarkable park.



  • Exploring the huge wildlife diversity of Satpura that includes: wildcats, wild dogs, gaur, crocodiles along with other lesser reptiles with its huge diversity of birdlife.
  • Exploring the forest in different ways to get different perspective of wilderness.
  • Dedicated team of naturalist that are one of the best in the industry who can showcase the impact and importance of even the smallest and seemingly the most insignificant of species.

Day 1

: Arrive in Delhi. No activities are planned for this day as participants of this group arrive from different destinations. Overnight in Delhi.

Day 2

: Today you take an early morning flight to Bhopal. On arrival you be transferred to Satpura Tiger Reserve. Lunch will be at the lodge. Your safari experience begins this evening with a dusk drive in Satpura. Overnight stay will be at Forsyth Lodge

Day 3

: Today you explore the jungles closer to the lodge. In the evening stake out some of the waterholes seeking the nocturnal species that visit them such as the sloth bear, nightjars and even the leopard. This evening you spend the night under the stars in a camp located in the buffer forest. Enjoy a wonderful meal under the stars exchanging stories from the wild with your accompanying naturalist. Overnight will be at the camp.

Day 4

: More exploration today in the buffer forest. The evening safari will be in Satpura. Overnight at Forsyth Lodge.

Day 5

: This morning there is a slight change of pace and you embark on a walking safari inside the tiger reserve led by a naturalist who will showcase some of the lesser fauna of Satpura. Should you be lucky you might find a herd of Gaur or a pack of wild dogs on foot. In the evening go on another jeep safari to search for some of the iconic species that Satpura has to showcase. Overnight will be at Forsyth Lodge.

Day 6

: Today you spend the whole day in the park. You morning drive takes you deep into the heart of Satpura to Churna Forest Rest House where you will spend the afternoon exploring the birds, butterflies and other insects by the creek. In the afternoon while still exploring the jungles of Satpura you will drive back out of the park. Overnight will be at Forsyth Lodge

Day 7

: This morning you venture again into the park on a walking safari. After an early lunch you will check out and transfer to Bhopal airport. Fly back to Delhi from where you catch your connecting flight back home.

Satpura Tiger Reserve: Forsyth Lodge

Nestled in the midst of 44 acres of jungle at the end of the Satpura Tiger Reserve, Forsyth Lodge is your gateway into verdant surroundings coupled with the allure of natural living. Their focus lies in being able to deliver to you, a wholesome and sustainable wildlife experience. Through constant partnership with the park administration and the local community, they have crafted a bespoke wilderness experience that suits every need.

Forsyth’s makes every effort to tread as lightly as possible on the ecosystem while making an exciting encounter with Nature possible for the visitor. This is reflected in the care with which their buildings are constructed, and in the ways in which they manage and recycle water, and in the manner in which they cast about for better alternatives to existing technology —be it quieter engines or solar-powered motors—when it comes to everyday access to the Satpura Park

At Forsyth, they are a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate individuals helping their guests explore the best of the wilderness at Satpura. It is because of their team’s immense love for nature that they relentlessly strive to deliver an immaculate experience of the woodlands. Each of their team members is a distinctive nemophilist, who not only knows the ways of the wild but also knows how to make your experience memorable.

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