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JungleSutra has been especially crafted to showcase India’s more commonly sought-after wildlife, as well as introducing the lesser known species that as of now, India may not be known for.

We don’t just focus on Jeep safaris but a whole array of safari activities encompassing walking safaris, boating, canoeing, night safaris, cycling safaris and elephant safaris. We are very keen to change the way people perceive Wildlife in the Indian Sub-Continent, take guests into the more remote and therefore less visited parks.

We ensure that all itineraries and programs are designed by wildlife enthusiasts rather than travel professionals alone. We at JungleSutra are a team of wildlife enthusiasts and have travelled extensively in India and around the world for wildlife and can curate programs to meet your requirements and exceed expectations.

Indian Subcontinent



7.6% of world Species



12.6% of world Species



4.4% of world Species



6.2% of world Species



11.7% of world Species

Wildlife Diversity

The Indian subcontinent offers a spectacular diversity of wildlife. It has the highest number of wildcats species, home to 50% of the world’s bear species, 12% of the world’s bird diversity, the landscape is home to deer as well as antelope species, all varieties of canines from wolves, hyena, jackal, wild dogs and fox yet very different from those found in Africa or other regions of the world. The region has over 870 endemic species and more species are still being discovered making its wildlife diversity unique and unlike any other region in the world.

Wildlife Experiences

Jungle Blog

A Hostile Takeover

By JungleSutra

It is beginning October again and the National Parks all over the country start opening for tourism. Like each year I explore a park or two in different regions to see what changes the monsoons...

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The Remarkable Yet Unknown Species of India – The Slow Loris

By JungleSutra

Last month while researching for a primate tour in India I came across a unique primate – The Slow Loris. Not only are these one of 10 smallest primates in the world, they are also the only...

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The Remarkable Yet Unknown Species of India – The Red Panda

By JungleSutra

As some of you who follow this blog know I have started this series to showcase that when we talk about wildlife in the Indian Subcontinent we are referring to a diversity beyond tiger, leopard,...

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