Why Travel with JungleSutra

Our Team

We are a team of travel enthusiasts. Each team member is passionate about – what they travel for, how they explore and who they explore with. We bring the same offering to our guests based on their interest areas.

Wildlife Specialists

We are wildlife specialists and often plan as per the species that our guest is seeking rather than showcasing the popular tiger reserves. We are keen to showcase everything that is part of our natural heritage and don’t just focus on iconic species that most associate with the destination.

Our Lineage

We are part of a larger family run DMC that has been in the travel space since 1977. This gives us many advantages namely – reliability, we are financially sound and together we have decades of experience. We are also competitive from a price-point perspective as we share common resources such as contracting, transportation and accounting with our parent company.

How we work

We are a B2B company not looking at targeting direct customers, instead, we would work with our partners to grow the market. A lot of emphases is given to educating and empowering our partners to grow the destination.


Our 3 World Travel Awards are a testament to our dedication towards organizing unique experiential journeys across the subcontinent.

We are also the only Virtuoso Preferred Onsite for wildlife travel and experiential journeys in our part of the world.

Responsible towards

We are very conscious about the experiences that we curate. Our selection of Hotels & Lodges too is determined by their sustainability quotient. A lot of emphasis is given to ensure local communities benefit from travel as they are key to any conservation effort. Many of our journeys are skewed towards explorations on foot as it reduces our carbon footprint significantly.

Indian Subcontinent



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